Order Our Damn Save The Dates

Let me preface this post with letting you all in on a big secret...I am a MEGA control freak. I may also have planning OCD. Don't know what that is, well let me enlighten you. If I have not planned/completed a task right when it is given to me I freak out.    Knowing all [...]

Hi Am I Important Too?

So I need to vent for a second. My feelings are really hurt. I know part of me is being dramatic but I can't help it. I am about to get vulnerable, so buckle up.  We aren't doing a bridal party. I don't want the drama of picking out bridesmaid dresses or having people stand next [...]

Can I Have Three Minutes, Please?

Letting go is something I really struggle with. I am a huge grudge holder and I’m super stubborn. Even something small, like my fiancé forgetting to bring in the dirty dishes from his car, is hard for me to get over. Lately, I’ve tried to allow myself to feel anger for three minutes. Sounds strange right? [...]